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360° Freeze

Subcutaneous Fat Layer Reduction through Cool Assisted Lipolysis technology via the CLATUU – the ultimate solution for non-surgical stubborn fat reduction.

CLATUU targets fat cells without causing damage to other structures in the skin. This is done by its advanced 360° precise cooling handpiece able to deliver cooling more evenly across a treatment area compared to older, more traditional cryo-based fat reduction treatments.

Clatuu Gives Your Clients Results

While fat reduction using controlled cooling technology has been around for quite a while now, new development leading to more affordable treatments and more precise clinical results is what CLATUU is about. Measurable and visible results remain the most important determining factor for patient satisfaction and return treatments in any fat reduction system and CLATUU offers this across the board for both its wing-type and flat-type handpieces that covers all possible target areas in the body.

Clatuu Saves You More Time

The advanced 360° cooling handpiece delivers controlled cooling faster and more evenly across your treatment area allowing the target temperature for fat cell apoptosis (fat cell death) to be reached at a more rapid rate. Studies showed that the new handpiece allows clinicians to save almost one-third the treatment time involved in typical fat freezing treatments. Treatments are fast and easy benefiting you, your staff, and of course your patients.

World First Dual 360 Handpiece Technology (Dual Sculpting)

CLATUU utilises a dual handpiece system capable of performing two treatment sites at once with one CLATUU system. This innovation is made possible by an advanced power system that maintains efficiency in consumption but delivers optimum cooling on both handpieces 100% of the time. This feature allows versatility in performing multi-treatments and packages that will save you and your patients even more of your valuable time. CLATUU devices: (1) System (2) Applicators (3) Gel pad, are listed on the ARTG public register with one of the specified indications of use: “subcutaneous fat layer reduction through cold-assisted lipolysis”.


How long do CLATUU 360° treatments take?

Treatments will run from 40-60 minutes at controlled temperature yielding visible and measurable results within the 6-12 week window with continuous improvement thereafter.

What does the 360° applicator do?

The patented 360° applicators of the CLATUU delivers more even and focused cooling on the target fat cells. This means improved predictability and reliability of results and less repeat treatments on the same area.

How does the treatment feel?

The initial sensation of the handpiece taking onto the skin will be light tugging of the skin into the treatment cup. Once the target temperature is reached the skin will be numb from sensation for most of the session and a light manual massage is given post treatment. Patients who have undergone several treatments have found the CLATUU sessions to be highly tolerable.

How many treatments do I need?

A single treatment will yield 20-25% reduction in the fat content of a specified target area of the body. This results will be most evident between the 6-12 week mark. Post treatment consultation will be done to ascertain whether a repeat treatment is necessary. Otherwise, treatments to other areas, including those adjacent to previously treated sections can be done.


Energy Type Advanced Cooling System
Australian Registration Registration on Clatuu, Clatuu Handpieces & Gel Pads
Display LCD 10.4 inch touchscreen (main body)
LCD 4.3 inch touchscreen (handpiece)
Electrical Requirement 220-240 V / 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 1250 VA
Dimensions 490 x 715 x 1140 mm
Weight 92 kg

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