Carboxy Therapy

IKIN™ CO2 CARBOXY THERAPY is a revolutionary form of needle-less carboxy therapy.

IKIN™ CO2 CARBOXY THERAPY uses gel to deliver carbon dioxide to the desired treatment area unlike traditional carboxy therapy where patients are injected with carbon dioxide gas directly under the skin. This unique delivery system makes IKIN™ CO2 CARBOXY THERAPY a safe and effective treatment for those who wish to obtain the same anti ageing and anti cellulite benefits from traditional carboxy therapy. IKIN™ CO2 CARBOXY THERAPY can be applied to the face or body to encourage blow flow to the treatment area in order to significantly diminish the appearance of dark circles, sallow skin, cellulite and stretch marks.

Non-Invasive Carboxy Therapy

Traditional Carboxy therapy is when carbon dioxide is injected under the skin whereby “tricking” the body into increasing the flow of oxygen flow to the site of injection. Dark under-eye circles, cellulite, and scars are believed to be caused, at least in part, due to poor blood-flow to that region. IKIN™ CO2 CARBOXY THERAPY is a needle- less form of traditional carboxy therapy.

A Stretch Mark Solution

Traditional carboxy therapy has been used for over a decade to diminish the appearance of stretch marks. IKIN™ CO2 CARBOXY BODY THERAY can help soften stretch marks as the carbon dioxide helps increase blood flow to activate collagen production and visibly decrease the marks on the body.

Completely Safe And No Discomfort

In the past carboxy therapy for treating dark under eye circles was potentially risky due to the chance of gas bubbles being released into blood vessels around the eye, which could lead to blindness. IKIN™ CO2 CARBOXY FACIAL THERAY is completely safe, so you can achieve all the benefits of carboxy therapy without the risks

Anti-ageing And Brightening Effect

IKIN™ CO2 CARBOXY FACIAL THERAY 2 helps diminish fine lines on the face and neck while lightening areas of pigmentation. IKIN™ CO2 CARBOXY FACIAL THERAY can also improve facial contours by lifting and tightening the skin.

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